See Sandy, She Wasn’t So Dandy. . .

As you well remember, I hope you haven’t forgotten, Hurricane Sandy slammed through NYC back at the end of October. She sucked. I mean luckily she left me and my roomies and friends unscathed in North Brooklyn, but she wasn’t so kind to those in South Brooklyn. Many people’s homes flood and they lost everything and in worst cases someone. I traveled down to the Rockaways with my brother a few weeks after Sandy to see what we could do. I especially wanted to go because the damage seemed so surreal to me, considering I live a couple miles from devastation and I can easily continue on with my everyday routine of life. I was really surprised and angry when we drove up to the “projects” of the rockaways to find people begging for food and everyday household products. It had been weeks since the storm!! Hadn’t anyone come to help!?? It was especially heartbreaking to hear the numerous requests for diapers, baby clothing, and supplies. When we went, it was bone chilling cold outside and people still had no power in their homes. It was an eye opener for sure. Although its December now, people still need help. Rebuilding is going to be a process but we can do it. The historic boardwalk and the beach that I have visited during the summer is in shambles, the boardwalk nearly still standing only in small increments. But with the help others we can rebuild and heal! So remember this Christmas, that it’s about giving! Yea, that new dress or sweater sure feels good to give or receive, but imagine how good it feels to give something, ANYTHING, to someone who has lost everything! So just a hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink, that your small contribution will have a HUGE impact! Below are some pics of shot of the aftermath in Williamsburg (which was quite untouched ) and some black and white film photos I took down at the Rockaways.
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So, as I mentioned earlier ( way earlier), I’m engaged to be married to a boy! He’s great. He rocks. And I’m super PUMPED!!!! So a really great friend of ours offered to do our engagement pics for us pro-bono because he needed some lovey dovey photos for his portfolio! So, of course we jumped at the chance!! We had sooo much fun! I had told Justin, our photographer friend, that the main thing I wanted for our photos was for them to NOT be CHEESEY! All these photos I see on other blogs just make me wanna BARF! AND, Bryan and I surely do love the shit outta each other, but we’re also wild and crazy free spirited kids!! So we really wanted to show our personalities in our pics as well as the beautiful and unique city in which we live these days! So here are the results! There are quite a few, so if you’re not friends or family, sorry. . . . . IM NOT SORRY! 😉
DSCF6324copyDSCF0134copyDSCF0199copyDSCF0225copyDSCF0301copyDSCF6405copyDSCF0259copyDSCF6450copyDSCF6438copyDSCF0276copyDSCF0278copyDSCF6464copyDSCF6487copyDSCF0341copyDSCF0348copyDSCF6545copyDSCF6525copyDSCF6549copyDSCF6561copyDSCF6593copyDSCF6653copyDSCF6698copyDSCF6708copyAll photos by the FABULOUS Justin Voight !! Check out his work!!!


One of the best things about film, is forgetting about it. And when you don’t forget about it, the best part is anticipating the results. That may be the one thing that is keeping this form of media barely alive. It can become almost mundane to take pictures with instant results. It also feels more artistic when using film. Even the slightest imperfection can make the photo unique. If your finger hadn’t been slightly covering the lens, then the picture would have just not been as cool. So I suggest to you all, pick up a disposable or Lomography camera and start making art!!! The below photos are of about 6 different rolls of film that range back to last March. I love you New York. I love you film.2884001028840006 28860003 28860015 28840019 28840013 28850010 28850020 28860035 28850030

Fractions and Fragments of Life


/a. This is what I look like when I’m attempting to take pictures/ b. a fiance (trying to look thuggish)/ c. Harley Boy/ d. Brooklyn, you’re beautiful/ e. a pretty little roommate on a camera adventure date with me/ f. my sick fettish with trying to win free clothes via photo contests/ g. WillyB’s Bridge/ h. a sweet n lovely friend/ i. that’s MY city/ j. blast off/ k. me (thug life)/

The City on Film

Once Upon a Time, I interned for this really fun company called Lomography. They recreate plastic film cameras from the past, you know, like the Diana and the Holga and the Fisheye. It was a really great job and I got to play and purchase (with an employee discount!) many of the cameras! It really turned me on to the art of film photography and how much nature, light, your hands, an angle, have an effect of a photograph. Something I feel that is a little harder to achieve with digital, even though I find digital to be oh-so-fun as well. These pictures are from all over Brooklyn, the City, and even en route to Staten Island (the last pic is Bry on the Ferry). I really enjoy my film cameras also because they’re so discrete! I recently purchased the Baby Diana, which the ultimate spy-cam! I only have 1 million rolls of film to get developed so I hope that I can share those with you soon!

Birthday Runaway to Montauk


For my birthday, Bry and I stole (borrowed) a friends car and headed out to the Hamptons! It was a magical time of deserted beaches and beautiful weather! We ate so much delicious seafood and explored many hiking trails! I think the beach followed us home because I’m STILL finding sand in my shoes! It really was the best get away from the city and the best way to celebrate/grieve turning 25! We also visited a family friendly pumpkin patch and took home some lovely pumpks to get us in the fall mood….. SEPTEMBER IS THE BEST!


So, Im just going to pretend that the several months it’s been since I’ve visited this blog has just magically vanished into thin air! POOF! WOOO just like that! So let’s fast-forward to a year and few months now of living in New York City. This place has stolen my heart!! But, has also left me feeling like, “SWEET! you’re in the place that you’ve always wanted to be. . . . . .so what are you doing??” Dammit.

What I AM doing, is simply sliding comfortably back into my routine of working in a restaurant (a really rad one that honestly love) and being a youthful girl that likes to drink and dance and be silly!  Although, that may not be an absoltuely HORRIBLE life to live, I feel that I am capable of much more! So I’ve decided to hopefully give this blog thing a second, more serious shot!

While in New York, I interned for the ever so fabulous company, Lomography, and fell deeper in love with photography! And now that i’ve acquired a collection of analogue cameras as well as a Canon DSLR, I’m determined to educate and improve my photography skills by showing off my beloved, New York City, and other fun things in my life (assuming that my life is entertaining enough for others)!! Since I’ve been gone from here, a lot has happened. That wonderful boy that I left at home, left his home, and came to be with me! Oh yea, he also decided he was liked me enough to put a super sparkly, AMAZING, ring on my finger and now we’re en route to planning a wedding! The main challenge being that we are going to plan this thing for taking place in Oklahoma while we live in NYC! Wish us luck! We also added another roommate to our narrow two bedroom apartment (so now theres four of us! CoZy) and Bry and I just constructed a loft bed for our room! So much NEW, I just love it! Bryan and I have also discovered that we’re a great contest-winning team and scored some pretty sweet things for ourselves and our future wedding!  We only plan to keep our competitive spirits up! So, bare with me, as I try to entertain you weekly with new photos and blog posts on the everyday exciting life of a girl figuring life out in the biggest livable “Apple” known to man!


Just another girl

Greetings blogger world! Today is your lucky day! As of this moment another typical girl with typical dreams has inserted herself into your once unordinary literate universe! But good news for you, you’re not required by law to intently read my postings. I’m just here invading your world as a twenty something year old girl who thinks too much and writes too little. And this blog is hoped to become apart of my journey. Life journey. I’m just continually searching for those missing puzzle pieces that once found will ultimately complete the finished product of “BRITTANY”. And I’m here to write bout them.But will I ever find them? Who knows? But what I do know is that I am in the time of my life where I find myself 95% of the time ridiculously enthralled about life. And I know a lot of people aren’t able to say that. I escaped from the quiet and comfortable state of Oklahoma, now almost 9 moths ago, and still wake up in disbelief that my everyday life is lived on a surprisingly quiet little street infested with loud and harsh sounds of Polish dialect in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. That’s just a screeching, 15-minute coast underneath a river on a rickety subway train into the City of Dreams. . . . . . .you know, NEW YORK!

I came here with just two suitcases and a little less than $1000, on a day when “conveniently” the Will Rogers Oklahoma Airport had a bomb threat and the airport was completely shut down for several hours. Secretly wishing that I had one more day at home because I was scared to death and heartbroken to leave a newly kindled love of a boy who made me oh-so happy. Unfortunately, all my flights got sorted out and the airport opened back up and was ready to fly me off to foreign lands. It felt like a war scene, finally making my way into the airport and hearing MY flight number called over the intercom for immediate boarding and departure. There were thousands people packed into the tiny airport and all of their confused chatter sounded so loud at the time, like people rioting, which immediately made me panic. Tears uncontrollably started streaming down my face as I found a red flat rope separating me from my mom and boyfriend as I waited in the security check line. I felt as if I were being shipped off to Auschwitz and my loved ones were holding on to me for dear life. I hugged them both with every step closer I took to the entrance. But with my final goodbyes and soaking eyes, I went through the line, through the gate, on the plane, and walked out on the loud bustling street of New York City.  A squeaky  taxi  took me to my new home. Well it took me to a couch that belonged to a friend. I would live on that couch for a month, and then another friends couch for another month. But it took me to the place that I am so thankful that God somehow gave me the guts to venture to. And this is where my story begins……….New York City.