Just another girl

Greetings blogger world! Today is your lucky day! As of this moment another typical girl with typical dreams has inserted herself into your once unordinary literate universe! But good news for you, you’re not required by law to intently read my postings. I’m just here invading your world as a twenty something year old girl who thinks too much and writes too little. And this blog is hoped to become apart of my journey. Life journey. I’m just continually searching for those missing puzzle pieces that once found will ultimately complete the finished product of “BRITTANY”. And I’m here to write bout them.But will I ever find them? Who knows? But what I do know is that I am in the time of my life where I find myself 95% of the time ridiculously enthralled about life. And I know a lot of people aren’t able to say that. I escaped from the quiet and comfortable state of Oklahoma, now almost 9 moths ago, and still wake up in disbelief that my everyday life is lived on a surprisingly quiet little street infested with loud and harsh sounds of Polish dialect in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. That’s just a screeching, 15-minute coast underneath a river on a rickety subway train into the City of Dreams. . . . . . .you know, NEW YORK!

I came here with just two suitcases and a little less than $1000, on a day when “conveniently” the Will Rogers Oklahoma Airport had a bomb threat and the airport was completely shut down for several hours. Secretly wishing that I had one more day at home because I was scared to death and heartbroken to leave a newly kindled love of a boy who made me oh-so happy. Unfortunately, all my flights got sorted out and the airport opened back up and was ready to fly me off to foreign lands. It felt like a war scene, finally making my way into the airport and hearing MY flight number called over the intercom for immediate boarding and departure. There were thousands people packed into the tiny airport and all of their confused chatter sounded so loud at the time, like people rioting, which immediately made me panic. Tears uncontrollably started streaming down my face as I found a red flat rope separating me from my mom and boyfriend as I waited in the security check line. I felt as if I were being shipped off to Auschwitz and my loved ones were holding on to me for dear life. I hugged them both with every step closer I took to the entrance. But with my final goodbyes and soaking eyes, I went through the line, through the gate, on the plane, and walked out on the loud bustling street of New York City.  A squeaky  taxi  took me to my new home. Well it took me to a couch that belonged to a friend. I would live on that couch for a month, and then another friends couch for another month. But it took me to the place that I am so thankful that God somehow gave me the guts to venture to. And this is where my story begins……….New York City.


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