So, Im just going to pretend that the several months it’s been since I’ve visited this blog has just magically vanished into thin air! POOF! WOOO just like that! So let’s fast-forward to a year and few months now of living in New York City. This place has stolen my heart!! But, has also left me feeling like, “SWEET! you’re in the place that you’ve always wanted to be. . . . . .so what are you doing??” Dammit.

What I AM doing, is simply sliding comfortably back into my routine of working in a restaurant (a really rad one that honestly love) and being a youthful girl that likes to drink and dance and be silly!  Although, that may not be an absoltuely HORRIBLE life to live, I feel that I am capable of much more! So I’ve decided to hopefully give this blog thing a second, more serious shot!

While in New York, I interned for the ever so fabulous company, Lomography, and fell deeper in love with photography! And now that i’ve acquired a collection of analogue cameras as well as a Canon DSLR, I’m determined to educate and improve my photography skills by showing off my beloved, New York City, and other fun things in my life (assuming that my life is entertaining enough for others)!! Since I’ve been gone from here, a lot has happened. That wonderful boy that I left at home, left his home, and came to be with me! Oh yea, he also decided he was liked me enough to put a super sparkly, AMAZING, ring on my finger and now we’re en route to planning a wedding! The main challenge being that we are going to plan this thing for taking place in Oklahoma while we live in NYC! Wish us luck! We also added another roommate to our narrow two bedroom apartment (so now theres four of us! CoZy) and Bry and I just constructed a loft bed for our room! So much NEW, I just love it! Bryan and I have also discovered that we’re a great contest-winning team and scored some pretty sweet things for ourselves and our future wedding!  We only plan to keep our competitive spirits up! So, bare with me, as I try to entertain you weekly with new photos and blog posts on the everyday exciting life of a girl figuring life out in the biggest livable “Apple” known to man!



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