The City on Film

Once Upon a Time, I interned for this really fun company called Lomography. They recreate plastic film cameras from the past, you know, like the Diana and the Holga and the Fisheye. It was a really great job and I got to play and purchase (with an employee discount!) many of the cameras! It really turned me on to the art of film photography and how much nature, light, your hands, an angle, have an effect of a photograph. Something I feel that is a little harder to achieve with digital, even though I find digital to be oh-so-fun as well. These pictures are from all over Brooklyn, the City, and even en route to Staten Island (the last pic is Bry on the Ferry). I really enjoy my film cameras also because they’re so discrete! I recently purchased the Baby Diana, which the ultimate spy-cam! I only have 1 million rolls of film to get developed so I hope that I can share those with you soon!


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