One of the best things about film, is forgetting about it. And when you don’t forget about it, the best part is anticipating the results. That may be the one thing that is keeping this form of media barely alive. It can become almost mundane to take pictures with instant results. It also feels more artistic when using film. Even the slightest imperfection can make the photo unique. If your finger hadn’t been slightly covering the lens, then the picture would have just not been as cool. So I suggest to you all, pick up a disposable or Lomography camera and start making art!!! The below photos are of about 6 different rolls of film that range back to last March. I love you New York. I love you film.2884001028840006 28860003 28860015 28840019 28840013 28850010 28850020 28860035 28850030


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