So, as I mentioned earlier ( way earlier), I’m engaged to be married to a boy! He’s great. He rocks. And I’m super PUMPED!!!! So a really great friend of ours offered to do our engagement pics for us pro-bono because he needed some lovey dovey photos for his portfolio! So, of course we jumped at the chance!! We had sooo much fun! I had told Justin, our photographer friend, that the main thing I wanted for our photos was for them to NOT be CHEESEY! All these photos I see on other blogs just make me wanna BARF! AND, Bryan and I surely do love the shit outta each other, but we’re also wild and crazy free spirited kids!! So we really wanted to show our personalities in our pics as well as the beautiful and unique city in which we live these days! So here are the results! There are quite a few, so if you’re not friends or family, sorry. . . . . IM NOT SORRY! 😉
DSCF6324copyDSCF0134copyDSCF0199copyDSCF0225copyDSCF0301copyDSCF6405copyDSCF0259copyDSCF6450copyDSCF6438copyDSCF0276copyDSCF0278copyDSCF6464copyDSCF6487copyDSCF0341copyDSCF0348copyDSCF6545copyDSCF6525copyDSCF6549copyDSCF6561copyDSCF6593copyDSCF6653copyDSCF6698copyDSCF6708copyAll photos by the FABULOUS Justin Voight !! Check out his work!!!


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