See Sandy, She Wasn’t So Dandy. . .

As you well remember, I hope you haven’t forgotten, Hurricane Sandy slammed through NYC back at the end of October. She sucked. I mean luckily she left me and my roomies and friends unscathed in North Brooklyn, but she wasn’t so kind to those in South Brooklyn. Many people’s homes flood and they lost everything and in worst cases someone. I traveled down to the¬†Rockaways with my brother a few weeks after Sandy to see what we could do. I especially wanted to go because the damage seemed so surreal to me, considering I live a couple miles from devastation and I can easily continue on with my everyday routine of life. I was really surprised and angry when we drove up to the “projects” of the rockaways to find people begging for food and everyday household products. It had been weeks since the storm!! Hadn’t anyone come to help!?? It was especially heartbreaking to hear the numerous requests for diapers, baby clothing, and supplies. When we went, it was bone chilling cold outside and people still had no power in their homes. It was an eye opener for sure. Although its December now, people still need help. Rebuilding is going to be a process but we can do it. The historic boardwalk and the beach that I have visited during the summer is in shambles, the boardwalk nearly still standing only in small increments. But with the help others we can rebuild and heal! So remember this Christmas, that it’s about giving! Yea, that new dress or sweater sure feels good to give or receive, but imagine how good it feels to give something, ANYTHING, to someone who has lost everything! So just a hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink, that your small contribution will have a HUGE impact! Below are some pics of shot of the aftermath in Williamsburg (which was quite untouched ) and some black and white film photos I took down at the Rockaways.
IMG_8787 IMG_8798 IMG_8803 IMG_8793 IMG_8794 IMG_8809 49460006 49460009 49460007 4946001049460005


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